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MD brake cleaner spray

MD BRAKE CLEANER SPRAY is based on a special sort of special petrol.

MD BRAKE CLEANER SPRAY is suitable for the rapid cleaning of drum and disc brake pads and blocks and also clutch parts. Also suitable for cleaning heavily oiled and contaminated machine parts. An optimum cleaning effect due to the high evaporation speed soon sets in.

MD BRAKE CLEANER SPRAY is non-corrosive and does not corrode rubber and plastic parts (a self-test is necessary in any case). Brake cleaner is produced without CFCs or HCFCs and also without caustic substances.

Content 600 ml, Unit 12 MSP.BR.Y600

MD fast cleaner spray

is a highly concentrated cleaner for all maintenance and installation work. Cleans pore-deep, degreases and removes resin.


  • Removing oil, grease, resin, adhesive residues, clutch and brake wear
  • Cleaning of motor parts, springs, electrical equipment, starters, rolling bearings and guides
  • Removal of difficult stains on cushions and textiles

Technical data:
Thickness (20°C): 0.82 g/ml
Pressure (20°C): approx. 3.2 bar
Spray rate: approx. 3 g/s.
Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature.

Shake the container. Thoroughly spray contaminated parts, leave for the cleaner to take effect and then clean. Check for compatibility on plastic, rubber and colors on a hidden spot.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.SR.Y400


is grease-free protection, lubricant, separation and care for plastics, wood, rubber and metals.


  • Lubricates without staining and invisibly
  • Clean, non-exuding lubricant resin film
  • Good surface finish n High temperature resistance
  • Protects against oxidation and corrosion
  • Excellent electrical resistance n Water-repellent and antistatic

Areas of application:

In paper and wood processing it prevents the building up of adhesive residues on presses and guides. The treatment of cutting bars, edges and tools guarantees light and clean cutting. In the field of conveyor technology, the adhesion of goods to conveyor belts, channels, slideways and slides is prevented. Silicone spray insulates, protects and maintains plastic, rubber and metal parts with good lubricant effect. Protects electrical contacts against damp, rubber parts are cared for, do not become brittle and do not freeze and stick, plastic parts receive a good shine and do not become brittle, sticking and squeaking parts are freed up again and it is an excellent separating agent for moulding and spray injecting. Suitable as an assembly aid for hose connections.

Content 400 ml, Unit 12 MSP.SIL.Y400


MD ZINC SPRAY (dark grey) is a fast-drying corrosion protection with outstanding long-term effectiveness for metals. The zinc used in the zinc spray and the zinc compounds contain over 90% pure zinc. Application areas for zinc spray can be found in all sectors of industry, trade and in bodywork construction especially wherever metals are ex-posed to corrosion. Zinc spray adheres to almost all metals. MD ZINC SPRAY also offers guaranteed protection for drilling and cutting sites as well as primer for plant and machine parts, which are exposed to the weather.


  • Fast-drying, smooth, pore-free film
  • Can be spot-welded, electrically conductive and conducting intermediate layer
  • Heat-resistant up to approx. +500°C

MD ZINC SPRAY can be painted over but a self-test is necessary due to the large number of different painting systems available.

Technical data:

  • Sand and dust test, in conjunction with DIN 50021:400/80 m < 0.5 mmn
  • DIN 53151 crosscut: Gt 0-1n
  • DIN 53152 bend test: no change in the surface


The surfaces to be coated have to be free of greases and oils. Treatment should take place at temperatures between 18°C and 25°C. Thoroughly shake the aerosol can for approx. 3 minutes, do a spray test and then apply  from a distance of 20-30 cm in a criss-cross pattern. Dry to touch in 20-30 minutes. Completely dry after 24 hours.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.ZN.Y400


MD ZINC ALU SPRAY offers a heat-resistant corrosion protection for many base metals. MD ZINC ALU SPRAY adheres out-standing well to non-ferrous metal and iron.

The special benefits of zinc aluminium spray are:

  • Fast-drying, smooth film
  • High degree of shine
  • The same color as freshly galvanised metals
  • High abrasion resistance n Temperature-resistant up to +600°C
  • High adhesion n Can be painted over

Areas of application:

MD ZINC ALU SPRAY is used in areas of industry, trade and other businesses wherever galvanised metals have been processed or damaged. MD ZINC ALU SPRAY is used as corrosion protection and represents an optical balance due to its similarity in color to freshly galvanised materials. The main application area for MD ZINC ALU SPRAY is in the fields of air conditioning and ventilation technology, heating systems, pipeline construction and machine housings.


Working at room temperature between +18°C and +25°C. Before each spraying shake the can thoroughly for three minutes after the ball is heard and then perform a test spray. Remove rust and grease from the surfaces to be sprayed beforehand. Apply the spray in a criss-cross pattern from a distance of 20-30 cm. Wait 5-8 minutes between coats. Dry to touch in 15–20 minutes. Completely dry in 24 hours.

Content 400 ml, Unit 12 MSP.ZNA.Y400


Light alloy coating consisting of 99.5% micro-fine pure aluminium platelets

  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 900°C
  • Weather-resistant, film-like, cathodic corrosion protection
  • Abrasion, scratch and brush-resistant aluminium coating
  • Resistant to most acids and lyes, steam jet-resistant
  • Dries quickly and forms an extraordinarily smooth surface
  • Dual protection due to aluminium platelet pigmentation and additional plastic coating
  • Adheres to all metals, ceramics, wood, glass and tiles as well as most plastics
  • Electrically conductive, easy to work and overpaintable

MD ALUMINIUM SPRAY is ideal for quick repairs galvanized surfaces and damages after welding, drilling, filing, cutting or sawing. The spray is filled with environmentally friendly, neutral propellant.

Areas of application:
Suitable for maintenance and conservation of value of pipes, steel and machine construction, furnaces, heating, steam and combustion systems, turbines, air conditioning and ventilation technology, exhaust systems, boiler and container protection etc.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.AS.Y400

MD anti-seize ceramic spray

Special long-life high-performance ceramic-based lubricant with high-technology properties.

  • High temperature stability from -40°C to +1400°C and extremely pressure-resistant up to 220 N/mm²
  • Excellent adhesion and lubricant properties due to lubricant and separation agents based on special ceramic base materials
  • For highly stressed bearings and sliding surfaces, prevents seizing, friction-induced galling, wear and corrosion
  • Seals flanges, flat seals and pump housings especially in the food sector as it cont ains no metals and graphite and is thus non-poisonous
  • Very resistant to gases, acids, lyes and salts
  • Prevents electro-chemical corrosion

Areas of application:

Universally applicable on all moving and highly stressed connections, assembly parts, bearings, sliding surfaces, nuts, screws, flanges and bolts. For stainless steel thread-cutting. No seizing of stainless steel and metal alloy threaded connections.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.AK.Y400

MD universal drilling and cutting oil


This high-performance drilling and cutting oil combination can be used for all metal-cutting processes and especially for difficult to work materials such as stainless steel metals, aluminium, hard metals etc.

  • Cooling lubricant with no aggressive additives
  • High adhesive strength, which increases tool service life
  • Protects against surface damage
  • Permits very high cutting speeds

Areas of application:

Can be deployed for drilling, milling and cutting steel and non-ferrous metals of all kinds. Conserves effectively and increases tool performance e.g. paring chisels, drills, screwtaps, milling tools and saw blades.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.SOE.Y400

MD stainless steel spray

Heat-resistant stainless steel alloy to be extremely resistant cathodic protection with simultaneous plastic coating.

  • Alloy of chrome, nickel and manganese pigments
  • Secure adhesion to all metals, wood, glass, stone etc.
  • Strong resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • The stainless steel coating gives surfaces a metallic, color-matched gloss
  • The same color as non-rusting steel
  • The coating is highly weather-resistant and very abrasion and impact-resistant

Areas of application:
For the color-matched repair of stainless steel parts and for the coating and optical improvement of other parts with a stainless steel effect (surface metallisation). Offers long-term protection for pipes, machines, silos, turbines etc. For surface improvement after welding. Suitable as spot welding paint.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.ES.Y400

MD stainless steel care spray

Intensively cleans, maintains, protects, conserves and seal all smooth stainless steel and polished metal surfaces.

  • The firmly adhesive water and dirt-repellent care film protects against oxidation and environmental influences
  • Has an anti-static effect and protects effectively against finger prints and other contamination
  • Does not affect painted finishes
  • Applicable wherever stainless steel needs to shine.

Areas of application:
For cleaning and care in kitchens, in sanitary areas, in lifts, on railings, on stainless steel surfaces etc. MD STAINLESS STEEL CARE SPRAY can be used in public houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, airports, vehicle fleets, hospitals, office complexes and in industry. MD STAINLESS STEEL CARE SPRAY is also suitable for foodstuffs processing and health sectors.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.EP.Y400

MD PTFE spray

MD PTFE SPRAY is a silicone oil and PTFE-based colorless lubricant and separating agent for metal, rubber, plastics and other materials. It is grease-free, water repellent and anti-adhesive.
MD PTFE SPRAY can be used to best effect wherever mineral oils or MoS2 cannot be used due to the risk of contamination e.g. in electrotechnology and electrical engineering plastics processing, textile industry etc.

Temperature resistant from -190°C to +260°C.

Shake the container thoroughly for approx. one minute before use. Spray the greasing point and after an individual running period check whether the desired lubrication effect has been attained. Repeat the process if necessary.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.TEF.Y400

MD cold spray

Highly versatile for long-term, rapid cooling of industrial and manufacturing machines.

  • Indispensible for the rapid location of thermal overloads in the electrical field
  • Valuable aid in the motor trade, for example for cooling overheated engine parts
  • For short-term shrinking of metal
  • For short-term icing of water pipes
  • Immediate cooling down to -65°C due to its unique composition
  • The cold spray is non-conductive and can be used with any material

Generously apply the cold spray from a distance of approx. 20 – 30 cm! Do not use in the food sector!

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.KAE.Y400

MD chain and rope care spray

is a fully synthetic, transparent and thin chain and rope care spray with a strong capillary effect and long-term lubrication. It penetrates chains and wire ropes from the inside out and is cold and heat-resistant from -15°C to +250°C.

  • Adheres well, suitable for fast-running chain and rope constructions, no loss through dripping
  • Neutral, non-aggressive, anti-static and noise-reducing
  • O-ring neutral, contamination and dust-resistant

Areas of application:
Deployable in industry, trade and the repair of chains and wire constructions, vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, machines etc

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.KS.Y400

MD leak detection spray

MD LEAK DETECTION SPRAY tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for detecting leaks in compressed air and gas systems or fluid pipes.

  • Shows up even small leaks immediately through foam formation
  • Very suitable for use in inaccessible locations
  • Non-flammable and therefore also specifically applicable in gas pipes or gas bottles

Areas of application:
Suitable for checking for leaks in underground and fluid pipes, heating pipes, boilers, tyres, taps, compressed-airbrakes, valves etc.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.LS.Y400

MD multi function-oil spray

is a low-viscosity oil spray for lubricating and maintaining metal parts. It is used in the automotive sector, engineering, metalworking, hobby sector and in household. MD MULTI FUNCTION OIL SPRAY penetrates threads and eliminates and lubricates hinges, rollers, springs, watertaps, window and door handles, office chairs etc.

  • Displaces damp
  • Hydrophobe for surfaces e.g. on electrical contacts, car ignitions tools, motorcycles and outboardmotors
  • Clans and protects
  • Dissolves crayon stains, grease, tar, rubber and adhesive residues
  • Leaves a protective film against rust and corrosion on bicycles, prams, chrome parts, motorcycles, outboard motors and tools
  • Loosens rusted parts
  • Penetrates deeply and loosens rusted, corroded and seized nuts, screws, switches, cables and other closures.
  • Loosens seized mechanisms
  • Loosens and greases jammed door locks, hinges, zips, sewing machines, switches,
  • couplings and cables

Shake the can before use. Clean surfaces to be treated and then apply the material sparingly and accurately.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.MF.Y400

MD anti static foam cleaner

Ensures a mirror-like shine on all smooth surfaces: windows, mirrors, tiles, car interiors, glass, monitors, plastic surfaces etc.

  • Powerful and yet mild cleaner
  • Very economical due to high coverage
  • Good skin tolerance
  • Pore-free, smear-free and spotless cleaning
  • Removes grease, smears, nicotine and fingerprints from all surfaces
  • Cleans with its active foam effect

Spray on MD ANTI STATIC FOAM CLEANER SPRAY from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm and wipe off with an absorbent cotton cloth or paper. Increase the exposure for fly droppings or serious contamination on windows.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.MSR.Y400

MD anti splatter release

Best possible protection against adhesion and burning in of welding sparks and beads on gas nozzles and material surfaces.

  • Silicone- and acid-free
  • Contains 95% pure material
  • Applicable for electric and gas shielded arc welding
  • Also suitable as a plastic mould separating agent

Areas of application:

Suitable for all weldable materials (e.g. steel, nirosta and aluminium). Treated surfaces can be painted or metallised after simple after-treatment.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.ST.Y400

MD rust removal spray

MD RUST REMOVAL SPRAY  is based on mineral oils, isoparaffinic hydrocarbon mixtures and corrosion protectioninhibitors. It is also a proven lubricant and contact spray. MD RUST REMOVAL SPRAY  removes numerous maintenanceeasily and quickly, repair, servicing and production problems. Due to its excellent creep properties the rust removalspray also penetrates into the smallest cavities.

  • Loosens seized connections such as screws, nuts and bolts
  • Protects against corrosion, lubricates sliding surfaces, eliminates squeaking and creaking
  • Displaces water from ignition contacts and electrical cables
  • Guarantees contact on distributor caps
  • Maintains and cleans brake rods and chains of all kinds

Shake the container thoroughly and wet the surface to be treated. The treated parts can be loosened after just a few minutes.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.MOS.Y400

MD adhesive spray

MD ADHESIVE SPRAY loosens small gluing problems in the automotive, trade, model construction, DIY, hobby and household areas. Spray adhesive bonds paper, cardboard, carpet, wood, cork, leather textiles, rubber, foam rubber and plastic permanently and reliably.

  • Clean, quick and easy to use
  • High immediate bonding power and many possible uses
  • Economic and precise application due to the adjustable spray head
  • Heat resistance: stressed: +80°C,
    unstressed: +100°C

Shake the can thoroughly. Surfaces have to be free of grease, dry and clean. Apply to one side of absorbent surfaces and press together the parts to be bonded immediately applying strong pressure. Apply to both sides of non-absorbent surfaces wait 15 minutes (20°C) and then bond. Spray from a distance of 20-25 cm. Turn the can on its head after spraying and spray until no more adhesive comes out of the nozzle.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.SK.Y400

MD white grease spray

is a hydrophobic multi-purpose grease with white lithium-reinforced lubricants.

  • Extraordinarily adhesive, no lubricant breakaway
  • Lubricates all metallic moving parts and sliding surfaces
  • Also applicable for technical plastics and plastics
  • Suitable for use with running machines
  • Metal-free, non-contaminating long-term protection
  • Sweat, spray and saltwater-resistant
  • Temperature-resistant from -40°C to +140°C
  • Corrosion-inhibiting

Areas of application:
Across the entire automotive range in repair and maintenance companies of all kinds. MD WHITE GREASE SPRAY is suitable for use as battery terminal grease, a separating agent and conserver.

Content 400 ml, unit 12 MSP.WF.Y400


The sprayable sealant is characterised by its simple application method and spraying precision without any additional tools. MD fix Seal adheres to most surfaces, such as stone, metal, plastic, wood, enamel, and many more. It protects metals from corrosion and contains neither bitumen nor silicone.


  • Clean and easy to work with indoors and outdoors
  • Non-dripping — no spray mist
  • Dries quickly and can be painted over (at +20 °C and 2-3 cross-coatings
    (approx. 300-450 μm) after approx. 8 hours with commercially available paints)
  • Very stable
  • Resistant to cold, heat, salt, water, weather and abrasion

Fix SEAL Spray is particularly suitable for vehicle underbodies, wheel arches, front spoilers, sills, car doors, edges, seams, rear sections, hoods, boot lids, etc. Sealing and coating for many universal applications, such as on gutters, sewer and drainage pipes, caravans, mobile homes and boats, roofs and windows, pool walls and pond liners, basement and ventilation shafts.

Content 600 ml, unit 12 MSP.FS.Y600