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UV-Star set

UV-STAR – UV repair adhesive – Glue at the push of a button – Controlled hardening in just 3 seconds!


MARSTON UV-STAR special adhesive combines high strength with absolute reliability and virtual invisibility for glass / plastic / metal / wood / stone. It is suitable for bonding glass jewellery, lead crystal glass and laminated safety glass (e.g. automotive glazing and rear view mirrors). Not suitable for aquariums. The adhesive hardens by UV light using the enclosed UV projector or by itself in direct sunlight.

Ideal for:
*model building
*automotive glazing

Bonding at the push of a button!

You choose at the push of a button:
When the adhesive reacts and bonds!
How quickly the adhesive reacts!
What the adhesive strength is!
How hard the adhesive is!
The elastically of the bond!


Bonding | Fixing | Densities | Repair | Backup | Fill | Seal | Modeling | Isolate 


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UV-STAR – bonding at the push of a button!
1.You can use MARSTON UV-STAR without hassle, without mixing and time pressure, to coat, seal, model or repair. You can apply, align, fix and if necessary remove any residue with ease. No problem.
2. MARSTON UV-Star only reacts to form a solid plastic matrix once the button on the UV projector has been pushed. Specific or large areas exactly where and when you want. If required in only a few seconds.


What is so special about MARSTON UV-STAR?

1. You decide when and where by pressing a button, how quickly and how firmly UV-STAR reacts and hardens as an adhesive and repair resin.
2. Easy handling. Controlled hardening.


How does MARSTON UV-STAR work?

1. UV-STAR is a radiation-hardening liquid plastic originating from industrial and medical development.
2. UV reactive photo initiators react in a liquid plastic matrix to external UV exposure and determine the hardening reaction.
3. The intensity of UV radiation determines both hardness and elasticity as well as the reaction rate.


What can MARSTON UV-STAR be used for?

1. Applicable to virtually any materials e.g. glass, metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, wood, acrlyic etc.
2. For bonding, filling, locking, waterproofing, sealing, insulating, modelling.
3. Fill and seal cracks in surfaces such as glass, vases, rubber products, metal containers etc.
4. Insulation, sealing and grouting of electrical components such as boards, low voltage components etc.
5. Remodelling of material defects – can be sanded, is drillable and paintable.
6. Fix, connect and secure during the entire model building process. Selectively within seconds and with the push of a button.
7. Glass and stone chip repairs for the automotive sector.
8. As a seam sealer in the textile and outdoor markets such as tent fabrics, hoses and rubber products.
9. As a 3-D modelling medium for arts and crafts such as crystal, glass creations, mosaics, miniature sculptures and jewellery making.


Working Tips

1. Adhesive surfaces should be sound, rust-and corrosion-free and as free from paint and separating layers as possible.
2. Bond surfaces should exhibit a significant surface roughness. For this purpose, smooth surfaces should possibly be sanded (K80-180).
3. For optimal results bond surfaces should be dry, clean, dust and grease free. For this purpose isopropanol, acetone, thinner and soap / silicone-free non-greasy cleaners are suitable.
4. Adhesion should best be carried out so that the main surface is perpendicular to the bonding load (tensile load). Buckling, shearing and torsional forces in the adhesive joint should be avoided.
5. The minimum bond gap should be 0.05-0.15 mm. Large bond gaps or holes should be covered by layered application. Maximum layer thickness should not exceed 2 mm per layer.
6. The adhesive reacts within 1-3 seconds. Ideally, adhesive bonds should initially be fixed at points and then reworked thicker (without tension or pressure forces).
7. For a fast and complete hardening reaction the distance of the UV-LED to the adhesive surface should be as close as possible.
8. The adhesive reacts for up to 24 hours post hardening, due to UV radiation in ambient light as well as in daylight.
9. After hardening, the adhesive surface can be machined (drilling, sawing, grinding) be painted.
10. The adhesive reacts only in areas accessible to light. Excess material and adhesive contamination should be removed immediately with isopropanol / acetone such as nail polish remover.
11. Not suitable for glass with UV filter.


Instructions for use:

Adhesive surfaces have to be dry, dust and grease free. Surfaces should be roughened. To open, cut the point by 2 mm. Apply adhesive thinly and to one side. Push the parts to be bonded together align and correct. Thereafter fix together without pressure and light with the UV projector for 3-30 seconds. Use the UV-STAR UV projector or a commercially available UV lamp with an object distance of 1-10 mm. If possible leave the bond to rest undisturbed for a few minutes. 50% strength after 3 seconds, 90% strength after about 30 sec, final strength after 1-24 hours. The adhesive reacts to UV exposure even in daylight. Indoor and outdoor weather resistant use. Store the bottle upright in cool and dark surroundings. Cover dosing point during work breaks.



Product Item No. Content Unit Packaging
MARSTON UV-STAR MUV.SET.F3 3 g 8 bottle, beamer, blistercart


MARSTON UV adhesives react via radiation from UV light. They then harden within seconds. We achieve clear, high-strength bonding of materials such as glass with metal. The technique of UV hardening offers the benefit of being able to freely choose the time of hardening and short hardening times permit a higher production speed. Specific viscosities are available for every type of application.



  • Communications electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive electronics
  • Plastic and glass processing

MUV.20   –          medium viscosity
MUV.21   –          medium viscosity
MUV.22   –          high viscosity
MUV.23   –          low viscosity



Product Item No. Content Unit Packaging
MARSTON UV 20 MUV.20.F50 50 g 10 bottle
MARSTON UV 20 MUV.20.F250 250 g 6 bottle
MARSTON UV 21 MUV.21.F50 50 g 10 bottle
MARSTON UV 21 MUV.21.F250 250 g 6 bottle
MARSTON UV 22 MUV.22.F50 50 g 10 bottle
MARSTON UV 22 MUV.22.F250 250 g 6 bottle
MARSTON UV 23 MUV.23.F50 50 g 10 bottle
MARSTON UV 23 MUV.23.F250 250 g 6 bottle


Duplex set


DUPLEX distinguishes itself by the two possibilities of curing, once by UV light and once by air humidity. As a result, non-translucent materials can also be glued transparently without problems and the excess glue can be allowed to harden in 1-2 seconds. Can also be used as a molding compound. Medium viscosity.



Product Item No. Content Unit Packaging
MARSTON glue Duplex MGL.PD.F20 20 g 12 bottle
MARSTON glue Duplex MGL.PD.R5 5 g 6 rocket
MARSTON glue Duplex MGL.PD.T5 5 g 10 tube
MARSTON glue Duplex MGL.PD.F20-SET 20 g 1 set with beamer, battery, charger