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HYLOMAR®LMF is a solvent-free, high viscosity, non-setting jointing compound based on Hylomar polymer technology. The compound is resistant to a wide range of industrial lubricants and fuels and has an operating temperature range of -50 C° to +250C° within a closed joint.

The HYLOMAR®LMF is ready for use immediately after dispensing giving an instant seal. It is therefore ideal for use in high speed production processes were a quick assembly time is required. The non setting characteristics also allow for an indefinite open time in slow build assembly operations.

The HYLOMAR®LMF can be used to replace traditional gaskets or as a gasket dressing to enhance the performance of the gasket.
The unique non setting characteristics of Hylomar LMF allow for easy disassembly when subsequent maintenance operations need to be carried out.

HYLOMAR®LMF is non-hazardous


Product Item No. Content VE Packaging
HYLOMAR®LMF 560040 290 ml 1 cartridge