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Seals connections in exhaust systems and lubricate joints during assembly. HYLOMAR EXHAUST MOUNTING PASTA is a water-based, heat-curing compound. It has been specially developed for use with exhaust systems for the automotive industry and other general applications. The asbestos free formula offers resistance to both the pressure and the temperature that can arise in exhaust systems


User instructions:

Make sure the surfaces are clean and free from loose rust, dirt and grease. Sand the surface with medium sandpaper. Spread the paste freely on all parts in the system and assemble the parts immediately. Let the engine run at a low speed until it is warm and the paste will form a gas-tight seal.
CAUTION: Avoid running engines in confined spaces



Product Item nr. Content Unit Packaging
HYLOMAR EAP 5 exhaust assemebly paste 560016 140 g 1 Tube
HYLOMAR EAP 5 exhaust assembly paste 560017 500 g 1 Cartridge